Artists and Curators in Residence

RODRIGO GHATTAS. Coming curator in residence


Born in Lima, Peru – Based in Atlanta, USA

Rodrigo is a multifaceted Latin-American artist, cultural producer and curator that works mainly within the public space sphere and social sculpture initiatives based in an interactive strong bond with social and cultural stakeholders. As an artist his work explores a variety of media such as a sculpture, installations and site-specific projects & interventions with a special focus on the natural and public space. He has shown his work in countries like Thailand, Peru, U.S.A and Italy. In another facet of his creative activity he is the Founder and current Artistic Director of Machaqmara Center for the Arts.

Graduated in Fine Arts and specialized in the Sculpture field (2013) by the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru and soon to be a candidate for the MFA in Art and Public Space of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway.


MARIANA PIÑAR.  Artist in Residence from 23 until 29 of May

Mariana Pinar

Born in Granada, Spain / Living in Detroit, USA

Artist Statement

In my current work, I am interested in means of silent communication, specifically gestures and text. I explore how silence eases or difficult the utterance, as well as the importance of time in these communication acts in order to acquire intimacy and self-knowledge.
I experiment with corporal language, physical contact and personal boundaries in a individual or collective way. The participants, as viewers or performers, become conscious about the role of time and verbal communication in the process of developing intimacy when they see themselves forced to acquire it in a short span of time where they can’t speak.
In the weavings the pace is evoked by the way they are made and later perceived. The choice of this technique as a time consuming way of writing, evokes the time necessary to make our experiences become memories (to know ourselves) and to create close relationships with other beings. The ambiguity of the texts is given in three different ways: through the language using both Spanish, my mother tongue, and a not native English; through the content, creating sometimes nonsensical sentences product of word plays or excluding essential information; or through the visual style. All this complicates an immediate comprehension and permits each viewer think slower and deeper and find their own understanding.

HOME SAFE HOME: Site Specific project for UnLock Hause

Walking around in a big city in the US, you find yourself surrounded with signals related to the dangers of the urban life, telling you to be careful as well as suspicious from anyone who looks like a possible threat. “There is no place like home” you would think.

This site-specific project explores the aesthetics of the warning sign, through a series of indications around the household space of Unlock Hause.

Please, lock your doors.