Art as Construct: A Conversation of the Minds


(Attendance by private invitation only)

UnLock Hause and Rufino Jimenez  invites a selected group of artists, writers and thinkers to continue a conversation revolving our position as artists in constant flux, questions about our art and identity: what makes us so fluid, what moves us, what layers of our experiences extend to our art, what becomes of our artwork with or without the different layers of reality, what shifts, changes and adaptations to our world affect us as artists and our work today, how is this reflected on us as artists, what part of our reality is truly real or is our perception of reality a mere abstraction.

We are excited to ignite a conversation outside the boundaries of instituttion to give continuity to our mission. Is there even a mission? How do we continue to redefine, reconcile and contribute with our work to an imperfect community/world, which seeks unity.

As we move forward, we want to propose an opportunity to enter a conversation seemingly suspended in time and space.

This will be the first of a series of conversations. Future conversations will take place in UnLock Hause and other venues (yet to be determined).

IF INTERESTED IN TAKING PART OF THIS ON GOING CONVERSATION & MEET OTHER LIKE MINDED ARTISTS: Please forward CV, bio, link to portfolio/website and a statement of your position in the art world and add any other thoughts that may help us better understand your mission (statement no longer than 800 words). Please write us at, subject: “Your Name – Art Construct”.